Berlin International Film Festival



Horizon by Tinatin Kajrishvili


Citizen Saint by Tinatin Kajrishvili

One day, the statue of a saint comes to life. None of the officials know what to do with him. The Saint is accused of damaging artwork, ruining the city’s only tourist attraction and being a swindler. Mary, an employee in the city’s local museum, wants to protect him, but her efforts are in vain. After interminable discussions, majority decides to put him back on cross and nail again. Everyone agrees: a saint’s place is on the cross. 

Director: Tinatin Kajrishvili

Genre: Black comedy

Stage of development: Financing

Estimated budget: 800.000 euro

Otar`s Death by Ioseb "Soso" Bliadze

Keti and her son Nika live in a very poor district of Tbilisi. Keti is a very attractive but somehow unstable woman who keeps plunging from one amorous adventure into the next. Thus, she sometimes neglects her son Nika. Although he does not have a driving license Nika gets into his mother’s car and gets lost on his way home. He causes a car accident in which the old man (Otar) is killed. The family of Otar is demanding money as a compensation for the dead relative. Keti has one day to raise the money to keep her son Nika free or to beware him of prison.

Director: Ioseb "Soso" Bliadze

Genre: Drama

Stage of development: Financing

Estimated budget: 500.000 euro

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